Deltron 3030 – Melding of the Minds (A-Plus Remix) f. Zach De La Rocha

blame it on JES7 August 31, 2014

A-Plus has been really going in on the remixes, with flavors ranging from boom-bap to edm/trap. His latest reworking is on Deltron 3030’s Zach De La Rocha (of Rage Against the Machine) “Melding of the Minds.”

Peace to MassAppeal on the premiere.

With Del’s double-timed L. Ron Hubbard-inspired lyrics, matched with A-Plus’ dystopian boom bap production and Zach De La Rocha’s intensity, the track continuously reinvents itself and showcases A-Plus’ creativity, creating 4 remixes at once connected by each verse. “For verse one I did hip-hop style, a musical sample with a live drum swing on the drum programming, kinda dramatic, a lot like the original song in it’s vibe. Verse two I did a glitch-hop swingy style with all hand made sounds, a lot of work there. Verse three I did a club/hyphy bass style, straight-up Bay Area origin style. Verse four was a reprise of the first verse, but with me playing synths instead, to show of some of my musical training from my youth, no samples,” A-Plus states.

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