Cassidy Blames JAY Z For Embarrasing Freeway In Classic Battle

blame it on Shake September 5, 2014

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Cassidy‘s time in the mainstream may have came and went, but that doesn’t mean the Philly spitter still can’t handle himself in the ring. With an upcoming battle with Dizaster on the horizon (earning him a fat quarter million dollar check), Cass sits down with VladTV to speak on his past.

After breaking down how he feels he changed the landscape of how battles are done today, Cass recounts his classic run-in with State Property’s Freeway…

“Well, it was just me, him, and Swizz in the studio. The Mary J. Blige session. Swizz did the beat. Hov was rapping on it. They wanted to update the song. So, it was me, Swizz, and Jay Z in the studio. After they just got off Hot97 cyphering and all that. So, Swizz introduced me as like the hottest nigga in the street. Hov like ‘What? You ain’t just hear my niggas on the radio? I got the hottest niggas. What is you talking about?’ Then he looking at me. ‘Nigga, you don’t even look big enough for Beans. You don’t look old enough for Free. What you want me to put you up against Chris, my 16-year-old?’ And he started talking crazy. And at the time, this before I was polished in the industry. I was right from the street. So, I was a little more hot-headed. I was getting a little aggravated. Swizz seen it. So, I’m like ‘Nigga, I don’t give a fuck who you call. You can call all them niggas. I’ll crush any of them niggas. I don’t give a fuck who you call.'”