We Need Kendrick’s “King Kunta” to Drop…

blame it on Shake October 29, 2014

As the hype for Kendrick Lamar’s next album continues to increase–especially after his appearance on Jay Rock’s “Pay For It“–music supervisor Scott Vener (HBO’s Entourage, How To Make It In America, Myspace) decided to twist the knob a bit more by revealing some information on a possible album cut, “King Kunta.”

Taking to Twitter, the broke mogul shared an experience he had recently while visiting Pharrell in the studio.

Let me paint the picture… I walked into the studio to P and found myself in a room with 12 people listening to P x KDot sketching an idea for a song. When they were done. K broke out his lap top and played a song that fucked me up for real. I’m sitting here trying to think of ways to explain it with words. It just made me feel so much. It took me back to a place that i loved so much about hip hop. Literally was watching Kendrick perform his song in front of us and as my girlfriend said. It gave her chills. This dude is on some other shit. This song took me all the way back to 90s hip hop and back and gave me a tour of the cultural fabric of LA like never before. During the song, Pharrells engineer whispered to me “Dre had to produce this. This has to be Dre.” It had these dusty drums with an updated sound, hard hitting bass lines. It felt like the song took a different turn every 4 bars. Once that happen u didn’t know what to expect. This dude doesn’t want a Grammy he’s making movies. This shit should get an academy award ha. This dude @SounwaveTDE has laced you guys with something so special. I am DYING for everyone to hear it. He had a similar flow to James Brown in “Payback” talking like a conversation and rapping hard as hell. The way they made this song it like the way bands would get together and jam back in the day. There is no way that @kendricklamar and @SounwaveTDE weren’t together every step of the way this song was made. The track and the vocals were having a conversation like Jazz musicians would improvise. This is gonna FUCK U ALL UP hahahahah. West Coast music is back.

Now, this all could just be babble but, the fact that Top Dawg president Punch commented has us intrigued. Until more information is revealed, catch “i” on the intro scene for NBA on TNT.