Watch The Trailer For ‘American Sniper’ Featuring Bradley Cooper

blame it on JES7 November 1, 2014

Usually, when we post trailers for films, it’s somewhere within the realms of the Marvel Universe. I felt the trailer for this film deserved a post, for a couple of reasons.

As an ex-veteran with four deployments, I have a deep passion and love for my brothers and sisters who serve our country. Politics aside, only those who have stepped in our shoes know what really goes on in America’s military.

Chris Kyle, a former Navy SEAL sniper, who sadly was shot and killed (allegedly) by a fellow Marine veteran had what was declared as the most kills by an American sniper in US history; with 160 “confirmed” kills, although the numbers could have reached much higher. Confirmed kills means walking up to the body to… well, confirm that it was a deceased body. Sometimes, walking up and confirming those kills just isn’t feasible.

Anyway, Bradley Cooper will play the role of Chris Kyle in the upcoming biopic, titled American Sniper, while Clint Eastwood will be behind the lens. I just hope they portray Chris Kyle’s legacy correctly, with honor and don’t Hollywood it too much (*cough Lone Survivor cough*). Look for a limited release on Dec. 25th before it opens nation wide on Jan. 16th.