Random Acts Of F*ckery: Drake x ‘Maury’ Edition

blame it on Meka November 7, 2014

Want to start your pre-weekend with some ignorant hijinks? Of course you do.

In this “very special” episode of Maury Povich, a guy had denied that he was the father of a woman’s baby. Pretty basic stuff, until you get to the reason why he didn’t believe he was the baby-faddah: the child looked too much like Drake, so it couldn’t be his right? In all of the times I’ve watched (and went to a taping of) Maury have I never seen this kind of scenario. Sure, I’ve seen breakers, breakdowns and reactions that are on par with when Shawn Kemp dunked on Alton Lister that one time, but never have I seen anything like this.

Naturally, Drake saw this and reacted in kind.

You are NOT di faaaaaaaaja

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