Chance The Rapper & Erykah Badu Guest-Star On ‘Black Dynamite’

blame it on Meka November 9, 2014

Last night (November 8th) Chance and Erykah were guest voices on [adult swim]/Cartoon Network’s Black Dynamite, as they portrayed Bob and Rita Marley respectively (with Erykah also playing the voice of a prostitute) in an episode titled “How Honeybee Got Her Groove Back.” I honestly didn’t know that Black Dynamite returned to television with new episodes (hopefully they’re better than that final season of The Boondocks), so I’ll definitely have to catch this when I have some free time to watch it.

In related news, Chance is still working on his new project with The Social Experiment, Surf, which fans should see before the year is out. Hopefully we’ll get some new music from Erykah as well.

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