Stream CashUs King’s ‘CHURCH (of a good thief)’ LP

blame it on Shake November 18, 2014

As promised, DopeHouse favorite CashUs King (fka Co$$) delivers his brand new album, CHURCH (of a good thief).

CHURCH is not a building where we gather to praise God. CHURCH is a state of mind. CHURCH is the battlefield, the basketball court, the bedroom, the office, etc. As long as you’re connected to something greater than yourself, you’re a member of the congregation of mankind. I haven’t been inside of a literal CHURCH in over 10 years, but everyday I wake up and go to CHURCH. Every time I leave my home, I’m attending CHURCH. This project is a secular prayer to a God that I’m not sure exists. Being unsure is the only thing I’m certain about. I’m far from being an atheist, nor do I believe that we just exist to make pointless choices before we return back to the dirt. I believe we’re all connected… all a part of something greater…all pieces that combine to create the whole. I’m just not sure God is a concept the human mind can fully grasp. CHURCH is my attempt to make sense out of something that can never make sense to a living human being.

Stream CHURCH — highlighted by “Buddah Bless” with Blu and Yamin Semali — below, and be sure to hit Bandcamp for a purchase.