Bobby Creekwater – Rudeboi

blame it on Meka November 19, 2014

B. Creek has steadily been releasing music since his latest mixtape, I Am From A Place, and tonight is no different as he throws out another freebie for the masses with this message:

I took some time off (two years to be exact) because at one point I felt as if I was falling out of love with music. I needed the quiet to re-evaluate some things both as an artist and as a man. Now we all know that in this particular business time is of the essence and it can be very brutal to those who don’t value it; I mean you know how it goes, out of site out of mind, here today gone tomorrow, etc., etc. For whatever reason, God in my humble opinion,In my humble opinion, you the people decided you still fuck with Bobby Creek on some level! And for that I am eternally grateful. And from this day forward I solemnly swear not to take any more breaks, to push the limits of music beyond what any of you expect, and last but not least to absolutely murder any motherfucker that doesn’t belong behind the mic…And most of the ones that do as well!!! With that being said, I give you Rudeboi…Partake!

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