Magnum Opus: Rick Ross & Styles P’s “BMF”

blame it on Meka November 20, 2014

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Whether you’ve (proverbially) spat on it in comment sections across the globe, or shouted out the hook at a party, Rick Ross’ 2010 cut “Blowin’ Money Fast” – guest-starring Styles P – was and is the song that generations will always associate him with. Released during a time where – as we all know by now – both his past history as a corrections officer was revealed alongside 50 Cent’s never-ending taunts and barbs towards him, the song came out during a proverbial do-or-die moment for the rapper. Obviously, we all know what happened next.

Sitting down with Complex Rick and Styles – alongside Rick’s manager, DJ Khaled, Shaheem Reid, and others – talk a brief history of Rick’s musical past, as well as the events that led up to the creation of his summer smash. Meanwhile, Rick Ross’ Hood Billionaire is out next week.

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