2Deep: Redman’s ‘Dare Iz a Darkside’ Turns 20 Today

blame it on JES7 November 22, 2014

Yep, another 2Deep post. This time, we spotlight Reggie Noble, aka Redman’s sophomore LP, Dare Iz a Darkside which turns 20 years old today (Nov. 22nd).

Redman’s second album, which featured production from the man himself plus Rockwilder and Erick Sermon featured a slew of underground hits. While not as well received as his debut or Muddy Waters, it’s up there on a list as some of his best work.

The album artwork as well as the song “Cosmic Slop” were inspired by the funky sounds of Funkadelic. The album artwork mimicked Funkadelic’s album, Maggot Brain (see below).

I also have to mention, whoever Rockafella was, I wish we were able to hear more from this brother. Little is known about him, but the skit “Rockafella RIP” featured the young lyricist going in!

Happy 20th, Redman!


Rockafella RIP

Tonight’s Da Night (Remix)

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