Sonnymoon – The Fear

blame it on Shake November 26, 2014

After dropping “SNS” last week, Dane Orr and the lovely Anna Wise are back with the second single from their upcoming album, The Courage of Present Times, which will hopefully arrive in early 2015. Seriously, Sonnymoon is awesome.

don’t you see its hitting? its already happening wisely choosing powers grinding your feet gnashing your teeth feeding greedy heartburn bellies time to speak with your deeds plant your own seeds time is money what else could you value ask myself spelling bee said to me eye before eee cept after c i believed it whole heartedly my ticket won the lottery now we can be whoever we wanna be we can spend money without worry we can shoot for intruders in our gated community sponsor a child overseas run fundraising committees and pocket the fee get wasted on boats call that the high seas write songs about boys call em daddy vent about how hard it is to be me and still never find time to actualize identity banking on convincing everybody that the cool me is the real me and this is what we teach our children to aspire to be a rich and famous a vip and wonder why we all feel so lonely i was alone nobody knew my name i was stoned they felt i was to blame threw a bone but the dog never came i was a drone drowning in disdain i was scared they would figure me out but aware of the VICTORY SHOUT soul bare but you don’t know what i’m about cuz you care bout the numbers and the clout.

DOWNLOAD: Sonnymoon – The Fear