Pusha T – The Rap Monument (Verse)

blame it on Meka December 2, 2014

The way Noisey is setting this up, what with 30 emcees from YG to Young Thug to Raekwon appearing on it, better be the equivalent of Moses (the real one, not that super-sus Christian Bale “Hollywood’s” version) parting the red sea. Here’s a better preview of it, where you can see Pusha T recording his contribution to the project.

The track – which is produced (or at least a portion of it is) by Hudson Mohawke – will drop possibly before the year is out.

SHAKE UPDATE: Looks like Noisey is gonna milk this for all it’s worth. Expect full verses (“bricks”) from each artist involved over the course of the month. We’ve got Pusha’s here, with RetcH and Bryant Dope laying theirs down as well.

The Rap Monument features white-hot beats provided by production wizard Hudson Mohawke, rapped over by the likes of Pusha T, Action Bronson, Young Thug, Danny Brown, Raekwon, and Prodigy from Mobb Deep. It is awesome, and because we like to tease you we won’t be releasing it all at once. Instead, we’ll be putting out a few verses per week, along with exclusive behind-the-scenes videos. We’re calling them “Bricks,” because you can’t make a monument to something without some building materials. After all the bricks have been laid, we’ll put out the full track, and the world will rejoice because it doesn’t have to listen to this amazing song by stringing together a bunch of videos.

In related news, Play Cloths – the long-running clothing line from both Pusha and his brother No Malice – have recently released its second holiday delivery titled “Curse Your Luxury,” showcasing a lot of all-black tees, jackets, pants, and hats. Check out some of the product below.

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