Rapsody – The Man (prod. Eric G)

blame it on Shake December 4, 2014

One of the nicest female emcees doing it right now, Rapsody has chosen the next single off her extremely dope Beauty And The Beast LP.

Deciding against a track that showcases her lyrical acrobatics, the JAMLA rep runs with the Eric G-produced “The Man.” A song that speaks volumes about today’s climate, the struggle of growing up without a father, and the social injustice people face on a daily basis.

I wrote this song as a dedication to all the boys growing up without fathers who now have to try and fill those big shoes. I wanted to tell the story of how they have to grow up fast, lose their innocence so young, and the damage it does (no matter your race). The interlude that follows deals with racism, and how people of color have to have these tough conversations with their children that others parents don’t. It’s hard to explain to a five year old that because of the color of their skin, they will be treated differently. But, that’s a reality for us.

The final verse and the “Different Problems” interlude that follows are so potent, I had to include the lyrics.

I pray to God you get it soon, I use the Vidal Sassoon to clear my head
Shower and devour stress, I chose to wear a dress today
I got small breasts, but I love me (but I love me)
Do you love me? (Do you love me?)
He says yes he does, I’m his everything
I don’t think love’s in a wedding ring, it’s a business
And I hear both sides lose interest
What’s endless hasn’t ended
And I’m thinking’ damn, is this you and me one day?
I don’t wanna fade away (f-fade away, f-fade away, f-fade away…)
Like a history, rock and roll, hip hop now but so soul
Soul is what y’all singin’
Long as they payin’, to newborns just a day in
Gotta make their life amazing
Don’t let the TV raise ’em, raise ’em, raise ’em
Tell ’em how we black as ravens, ravens, yea
But they hatin’ and they shoot us
When we march they call us looters
Sitters, says “go get your rugers (get your rugers)”
Yea, used to have a peaceful mindset
But nowadays peace won’t come and justice or a bomb threat
Is how I feel, I need God to heal my heart
How we s’possed to not fight back?
Now we s’possed to not wage war?
I pray to God you get it soon
Another afternoon, different day same story
More convos in our living rooms, huh, nah, we don’t need Maury
Yea, confirming all your lies
It’s hard to tell our babies they don’t care about our lives
Ask us why, they ask us why, why, why, why, why?
They ask us why, why, why, why, why?

[Outro: Children]
“Why don’t people like me because of my color?”
“I don’t understand”
“Why am I different?”
“Why doesn’t my life matter?”
“I’m just like you”
“I’m no different”
“I’m a good kid”
“I like to play”
“I like to hang with my friends”
“Why is the world not in peace?”
“My dad said”
“When I get bigger”
“I have to be really careful”
“Around police”
“But why?”
“I thought police help us”
“I don’t understand”
“I don’t understand”

“I just want to say hello”

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