Highlights From PRhyme’s Reddit AMA Session

blame it on JES7 December 7, 2014

With December 9th quickly approaching, Premo & Nickel Nine decided to answer questions that have been burning in the heads of fans for years. And they decided to do it on the Front Page of the Internet, reddit, yesterday. Everything from rumors of beef with Biggie, the Slaugherhouse Glasshouse LP, Preme wanting to lace a 2Pac a capella with a beat of his own and more are discussed in PRhyme’s IAmA session.

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Do you guys have any favorite songs off your own album?

+ My favorite is “U Looz” and “You Should Know” (DJ Premier)

Premier, any truth to the rumors that you produced a song for Tupac Shakur while he was signed to Death Row Records?

+ I never produced with 2Pac but I have a song for whenever I need to use it on a capella. One day it will come out when I put a beat to it.

Royce, who was your biggest inspiration growing up?

+ There were many. [LL] Cool J was a huge one.

Royce, how has working with Eminem now changed from how it was back in the Slim Shady LP days?

+ We’ve both grown as people and as artists so we push each other a little more lyrically these days.

Are the rumours true about your beef with Biggie? And if so what was it about?

+ Me and Big never had beef. There was some issues regarding one of my artists Jeru The Damaja but that got taken care of.

Did that all come about from “One Day“? Can you touch on what caused the split between yourself and Jeru? His music has never been the same without you.

+ “One Day” did spark the controversy. I went thru the motions but all is well and me and BIG cleared it up before he died. Plus BIG was NEVER called out on that record at all. Speculation can sometimes lead to the wrong point getting across. As for Jeru, he and I are totally fine. We split over a business decision. We are gonna work this year on some new stuff.

What was the biggest challenge working together? (Logistics, scheduling, styles)

+ The biggest challenge for me was producing a full LP with ONLY sampling Adrian Younge‘s catalog of music. But Royce convinced me to give it a chance. I am happy that I took the chance to do something different. Now we have PRhyme December 9th.

Eh Prem! Why don’t rap producers remix ish anymore? What can we do to bring the remix back?

+ Word, right? I’ve done a few for Sam Smith and I did a Disclosure remix for “Latch.” We will be dropping some PRhyme remixes with special guests.

When is Glasshouse coming out?

+ 2015 fa sure.

Preme – what is the status of the other collaborations you are said to have in the works – especially the one with Pete Rock which I have been looking forward to for YEARS.

+ As for the Pete Rock album, we are doing a single in January to start the project. He is producing half of it and I am doing the other half.

What’s one thing no one would expect about yourself?

+ That I am a huge Rock & Roll fan. I know my shit and I go to many many many concerts…Genesis, Van Halen, AC/DC, Rush, Iron Maiden, The Police, Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue…. (DJ Premier)