Alex Wiley – Top Of The World

blame it on Shake December 9, 2014

As he continues to put work into his upcoming project, Silent Party—the official follow-up to this year’s super dope Village Party—Alex Wiley hits the net with a brand new track, “Top Of The World.”

Speaking with HuffPost about the record, Wiley shared the following:

“I made this song when I was working on a project called ‘Generous Dubsack.’ [The project] was loosely based on my high school experience, but it was about a kid who’s having a hard time in school, flunking out of high school basically. A lot of shit’s going on in his life, he’s really depressed and he’s suicidal. He plans to kill himself every weekend after school, but every Friday he has a ritual that he buys weed and his dealer always gives him more than he pays for. It was going to be about that human connection and I kind of scrapped the project, but I made a few songs for it — including ‘Sexual Dolphin‘ and ‘Lil Stoner Boi‘ — and this was the main song that made me want to make this project in the first place.”

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