Mars Today – AWAKE (Instrumental Album)

blame it on Shake December 12, 2014

Earlier this week, San Francisco-based producer Mars Today released his new instrumental album, AWAKE. A project that’s described best by the man himself:

This project is somewhat of a diversion from my usual song-based work. It’s made up of eight instrumentals specifically crafted to take listeners on a cerebral, meditative journey. I did not want to make a standard beat-tape that folks would rap over, or use as background music, so I added vocal samples (Mooji) to help guide the experience, and in doing so created something I hope will inspire self-analysis and contemplation. I took almost two years to polish this series of beats, reaching out to some of the best musicians in the Bay Area, (bass, guitar, horns) to help formulate the proper vibes.

Stream/download AWAKE and watch a new video for “Expand” below.

Musical support from: Jon Monahan (Guitar on Accept), Chicho Espinoza (Bass on Accept), Swerve (Bass on Coast), Daniel Casares (Sax on Expand), Teeko (Synth chords & 808 consultation on Awake).

DOWNLOAD: Mars Today – AWAKE (Album)

Growing up in San Francisco, I was something of a cultural sponge, soaking up all the diverse smells, tastes, and sounds that the city had to offer at that time. This track (Expand) in particular speaks to the influence of Brazilian Bossa & Samba, and of the local baterias that always caught my ear during carnival. Seeing as there was also a slight housy-vibe to the track I reached out to Shinobi Jaxx (leader of OAK based dance crew Mix’d Ingrdnts) to interpret my sonic ideas into movement. One crisp evening we met on Treasure island, and I shot her free-styling to the track, the city that raised me glowing in the background.