Wara From the NBHD – Brockett Road Rage

blame it on Shake December 19, 2014

Brooklyn-bred, Atlanta-living emcee/producer Wara From the NBHD has been a frequent on my personal playlists ever since I first caught wind of his talents through his “98 Rocafella” video back in November of last year. Since then, he’s released his debut full-length Kidnapped, some damn good visuals, and a few loose tracks to keep fans satisfied.

Now, with 2015 around the corner, Wara has announced he will be dropping his Kidnapped follow-up, If Guns Could Speak, on January 26th!

Check out “Brockett Road Rage” – a track that won’t be featured on the EP – below.

“Brockett Road is the street that I grew up on. It’s literally 15 minutes outside of Atlanta on the Eastside in the city of Clarkston. It’s a pretty aggressive area and it’s a part of me, so I have to rep it no matter where I am, because as far as this city goes it’s not a lot of light shed on it. I’ve seen everything from robbing to shooting to crackheads, literally everything, and a lot of it is the typical low income situation in black communities, but what I’m talking about is just the tipping point of the subject matter on ‘If Guns Could Speak’ and where my future content is headed.”

Produced by Wara From the NBHD & Henry Shoultz.