iLL Chris – Bolo Tape (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka December 20, 2014

Chris says…

The purpose of the Bolo Tape was intended to show my lyrical prowess of a lost art of “Bar Spitting” or “Real Rap”. I chose Bolo “Bolo Yeung” because growing up he was a figure I looked up to as being a Stone Cold Badass who gave Bruce Lee and Jean Claude their test to be great. With him being in the movie Bloodsport for him being Asian and damn near indestructible I felt as if he was the perfect moniker to pick to showcase what people may have forgotten about me. Those who have known me for years know that I came from the era when battle rap was the shit, where you couldn’t be anybody in the scene if you couldn’t use your gift of gab. It was dope linking up with great artists from my region and the home where hip-hop started (NYC). You can see guest appearances by Smoke Dza, Nacho Picasso, Illmaculate, Grynch and many more. Take these 13 tracks I compiled together Some Original, Most Classics that were hot from around my time I fell in love with Rap & Hip Hop for free and I hope you enjoy them.

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