2Dope to Sleep On: TUT (Chattanooga, TN)

blame it on Shake December 22, 2014

Hailing from the same city that birthed Isaiah Rashad (a fellow 2Dope To Sleep On alum), Chattanooga, Tennessee native TUT makes his DopeHouse debut with his latest single, “Holy Water” – a track that rides the fine line between sin and necessity. Not all situations come with a perfect play-by-play on how to react, so some souls are left in the position needing to handle business… then worry about forgiveness.

Backed by in-house producer Ktoven‘s dreamy soundscape and Angel Mae’s vocal assist, the track will live on TUT’s forthcoming project, Preacher’s Son.

“Holy Water” is actually the fourth release from the upcoming project, so let’s take a step back…

First, The House (b*tch!) co-founder traded “Corner Stories” with fellow TN native and House rep Michael Da Vinci.

Then he offered some food for thought while detailing the plight of dealing with the standards outsiders set on you, growing up as a son of a preacher on “Hangin’.”

And lastly, he put one in the air with our boy Junia-T, as they dealt with the “Highs & Lows” of this thing we call life.

Originally scheduled to release this month, Preacher’s Son will now see the light of day on January 5th. A fortunate delay for us, as it gives us more time to really dive into his fully-stocked SoundCloud page and get familiar with an artist we’re sure we’ll be hearing plenty more about in 2015.

We suggest you do the same.