2 Chainz & Nancy Grace Debate Marijuana Legalization

blame it on Meka January 14, 2015

Last night, young Tauheed was a special guest on HLN pundit Nancy Grace’s show, and the two of them calmly discussed tHAHAHAHAHA! I couldn’t even finish typing that line out with a straight face.

Basically, Nancy attempted to have Teta essentially speak on behalf the entire weed community to talk the merits of marijuana legalization, and why he supports it despite the fact that a couple of bonehead parents smoked out their toddlers. Because, obviously, that has something to do with weed legalization and rappers, and nothing to do with the fact that those were blithering idiots who shouldn’t have ever been allowed to breed in the first place, right? At one point, she even quotes a line from his song “Feds Watching” to support her argument, and there’s another part where although she’s actually complimenting him on the fact that he’s a college-educated individual who graduated with a 4.0 GPA, the network simultaneously shows a scene from his “Birthday Song” video. Like, come on now; that jig was sky-high as soon as HLN tweeted out the above photo you see.

For the most part, 2 Chainz remained civil throughout this failed attempt at a smear campaign, answering some of her nonsensical questions and handling her rants (which constantly veer off from the topic at hand) like a professional. It’s nowhere near as epic as Cam’ron and Dame Dash’s epic run-in with Bill O’Reilly, but it’s up there in pure absurdity.

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