Ras Kass Details Why He Wrote “How To Kill God” In New Editorial

blame it on JES7 February 14, 2015

You know society is way too damn sensitive, and excessively politically correct when an esteemed intellect like Ras Kass has to break it down to you fools on why he chose to write and record a song like “How To Kill God.” Yeah, I’m looking at you, Christian zealots. Tuck your feelings back into your high-water khaki pants and let Freedom of Speech ring, for f*cks sake!

Now that I’ve got my little rant out of the way, the God, Ras Kass recently wrote a guest editorial on Medium in which he breaks down why he wrote the aforementioned “controversial” single, as featured on the Apollo Brown-produced Blasphemy LP.

Read a small excerpt of it below, then head here to continue reading the whole thing. It’s very interesting and he brings up a great amount of good points.

The original album title of this album was How to Kill God, but pressure from digital/physical distributors and buyers forced the last minute name change to Blasphemy. This showed me the hypocrisy and blasphemous nature of so-called free speech in America. I always joke that if we would have called it How to Kill Allah, or How to Kill a N*gga there would have been little or no resistance. But when you appear to attack the Judeo-Christian (white) ideal of God, then its offensive. Blasphemy indeed.

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