Wati Heru & Kashaka – BKWYA (Video)

blame it on Shake February 28, 2015

I love Saturdays. They give me a chance to really dig into the new releases and continue the ongoing hunt for new music. Some weeks you strike out, but weeks like this you hit it out the park.

Meet Wati Heru and Kashaka, a Brooklyn-bred emcee/producer combo making their DopeHouse debut with their new music video, “BKWYA.”

From the moment you press play on the Tanner W. Jarman-directed clip you’re greeted with a white eyed emcee holding a bottle, as a vintage Clipse-esque backdrop begins to consume your soul. From there on, Kashaka’s boardwork will have you locked in, nodding your head for the next three+ minus. Mass Appeal said you’ll “Diddy Bop to [it] while walking around the crib,” and I can attest to that – as I just caught myself doing it midway through my third or fourth listen.

Don’t think this is just a one man show though; it’s far from that. Wati’s presence is clear – his flow is effortless, his lines are sharp. With nods to N.O.R.E., Busta, Pharrell and others sprinkled throughout, his calm but precise delivery is a warm welcome in the midst of the barrage of high-screeching-yell-raps or whatever the sound that’s flooding airwaves is described as.

As a bonus, I’ve included the two’s previous connection, “Stop Playin'” as well.

DYSTOPIA FM is the name of Wati Heru and Kashaka’s upcoming EP. It arrives March 13th. I suggest you pick it up.