‘Saturday Night Live’ Parodies Iggy Azalea

blame it on JES7 March 8, 2015

It’s a good thing Iggy “retired” from Twitter, only to let her management take over. Otherwise, there would have been absolute mayhem on these internet streets with the Australian rapper letting off her certified shots, letting us know how she really feels. Alright, let me stop.

During a sketch on Saturday Night Live last night, Kate McKinnon – dressed up in her best Aussie accent – decided to parody Iggy Azalea with aplomb, lampooning everything from her lack of authenticity to her fake Southern accent, her petty feuds with Azealia Banks (portrayed by Sasheer Zamata) and more. Of course, most Iggy stans will not like it – and try to point out flaws that are non-existent. The only problem I had with the sketch? Jay Pharoah’s reach of a T.I.

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