Vintage: Kanye West Performing The Original “Gold Digger” With John Legend

blame it on Meka March 10, 2015

There’s been a plethora of Kanye content – the music-related stuff, not the everything else – hitting the e-waves, but this latest bit of aural/visual entertainment is a throwback of sorts.

Channel Dynamic – YouTube channel for the Dynamic Producer Conference – unearthed footage from 2003 of a pre-Late Registration (a pre-College Dropout even) Kanye performing the original version of “Gold Digger” with an even younger John Legend, two years before the final product would actually see the light of day.

Now, when you see something such as the multiple contributors to “All Day” it kinda makes sense, as it took ‘Ye years to “perfect” many of his cuts.

However, it took one savvy Internets user to perfect this:

This is the greatest thing I’ve seen all week.

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