Kendrick Lamar Offers Insight Into New Album In NY Times Feature

blame it on JES7 March 17, 2015

ICYMI: Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly set world records this week, after surpassing 9.6 million streams on Spotify in a single day – breaking Drake’s previous record with If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

The album is barely three days old, yet in true internet fashion, it’s being heralded as an instant classic (listen and observe first, folks!). Personally, I think the album is absolute fire, but I’m reserving throwing the word “classic” into it’s orbit until later down the road.

The NY Times profiled Kendrick Lamar, a follow up to their interview with him last year, in hopes to get more insight into the album.

Peep a few choice quotes below.

On spirituality and leading as a role model

“I’m the closest thing to a preacher that they have. I know that from being on tour — kids are living by my music. My word will never be as strong as God’s word. All I am is just a vessel, doing his work.”

On the myth that real street cats love raps about murder

“They want to get away from that. If it comes across as just a game all the time, the kids are going to think it’s just a game. From my perspective, I can only give you the good with the bad. It’s bigger than a responsibility, it’s a calling.”

On fame and fortune

“You can tell a person about fame and fortune all you want, but until you’re really in it and you know the person that you can become… I know every artist feels this way, but in order for it to come across on record for your average 9-to-5-er is the tricky part. I have to make it where you truly understand: This is me pouring out my soul on the record. You’re gonna feel it because you too have pain. It might not be like mine, but you’re gonna feel it.”

On experiencing police brutality

“I’ve been stomped in the back. I’m not talking to people from the suburbs. I’m talking as somebody who’s been snatched out of cars and had rifles pointed at me. [But] Playing the victim only works so long.”

What gives him inspiration

“What gives me inspiration is giving thought and game to people who don’t have it. We’re putting in the real work with these kids and these ex-convicts.”

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