Run The Jewels Thwarts Onstage Attack At SXSW

blame it on JES7 March 17, 2015

Sh*t got real at a recent RTJ show during SXSW. El-P & Killer Mike were performing onstage at a Spotify House show when an angry fan troll decided he’d get his Braveheart on and try and take a swing at the two artists.

Fortunately the attack was thwarted and some unidentified crowd goers and fans jumped in to intervene, before the assailant received some sweet instant justice from a security guard who knocked him out.

Watch the chain of events captured by DJ Freeverse below.

A video posted by djfreeverse (@djfreeverse) on

A video posted by djfreeverse (@djfreeverse) on

To add salt to the wound, Killer Mike then led a “Fuckboy” chant following the events.

A video posted by Ida (@i.da_) on

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