Trinidad James Discusses The N-Word On CNN

blame it on Meka March 17, 2015

Don Lemon, who somehow has a job on CNN instead of Fox News where his skewed takes and beliefs on his own people would make more sense at, invited Trinidad James to his show to discuss the well-worn topic of the dreaded n-bomb (due to the whole SAE mess somehow, and inexplicably, being partially blamed on his song “All Gold Everything”) with a bunch of other talking heads.

The entire piece essentially breaks down to a bunch of people trying to scream over each other to get their points across, and does absolutely nothing – in my ever-so-humble opinion – to help matters when it comes to the forever-talked about five letters. Some white people are still trying to defend their usage of the word as if it was never the most socially destructive and demeaning word in the history of ever, while Blacks will continue to defend its quasi-“exclusivity” as it has somehow become a term of endearment over the years.

I’m like this: people – regardless of ethnicity – have been and will continue to use that term for centuries, and will continue to do so even after we’ve long passed. No one person can stop an entire community from using the word, as they shouldn’t; despite it’s muddled history, at the end of the day people can use whatever word the want to due to the protection of – for better or worse – the First Amendment. However, if I don’t know you, regardless of whatever don’t use that term in my face in an attempt to demean me or my character (I don’t really care for lame Internets jibba-jabba, considering that many people portray another persona online… but that’s discussion for another time) otherwise you may get punched in yours.

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