A 2Dope Guide to SXSW

blame it on Shake March 18, 2015

This year, the DopeHouse will be absent from the SXSW festivities in Austin. As you can see by the new design, we’ve been knee deep in a few other ventures and just didn’t have the time to make it out there. We do have a lot of friends taking the trek – and battling the crap weather – so we’d like to offer you a quick “one stop shop” guide of the week’s showcases. Notice something missing? Hit the c-section and let us know!



Thursday, March 19th

sxsw-mar19-house-party sxsw-mac19-kickback- sxsw-mar19-sxnk dipset-sxsw-mar19 sxsw-mar19-icm sxsw-mar19-smokers


Friday, March 20th

sxsw-mar20-mass-appeal sxsw-mar20-sxnk sxsw-20th-takeover sxsw-marc20-outbreak sxsw-mar20-rse sxsw-mar20-foolsgold tim-goodwin-32015 sxsw-mar20-trapstars


Saturday, March 21st

dreamville-sxsw-takeover sxsw-mar21-jetlife sxsw-mar21-crave sxsw-mar21-sxnk sxsw-mar21-super-party