D.R.A.M.’s “Cha Cha” Will Own Your Summer

blame it on Meka March 24, 2015

We here at the DopeHouse pride ourselves in being able to put you, the visitor, on to new music from artists we think deserve the shine. However, sometimes it is we who ends up being put on to new artists by visitors. This is exactly what happened earlier this afternoon.

I was shooting the breeze with a friend and supporter of the site, who reminded me to check out the song “Cha Cha” from Virginia-reared artist D.R.A.M. The irony of this, I’d actually forgotten that the song has been spotlighted here at the DopeHouse, and by my own hand.

You try dealing with sifting through thousands of emails, only to put up hundreds of songs/videos/news on the site, on a weekly basis for almost a decade at this point, and see if you can even remember where you put your house keys sometimes. But I digress.

Either way, after said friend told me to listen to it once again (he, in a complimentary way, described it as “Ty Dolla $ign on acid”), I peeped it, and have not been able to stop playing it since. D.R.A.M. recently dropped an EP, #1EpicEP, which contains “Cha Cha,” that you should definitely give a listen to down bottom.

Bonus: anybody that samples Super Mario World instantly gets a thumbs up from me.