Trade Voorhees – “Norman” (Video)

blame it on Shake March 27, 2015


Vegas native Trade Voorhees recently released his new album a couple weeks ago on Saturday the 14th – a date that fans of Trade should be well aware of. Stripped of it’s titles, the untitled album is only available in physical form, and will be discontinued on the following Saturday the 14th (November).

“I had a working title of POE—kind of a “poetry over everything” idea with Edgar Allan Poe as the inspiration.” Trade tells Vegas Seven. “The cover is a dead raven, but none of the songs have anything to do with Edgar Allan Poe. I started thinking about titles. What’s the point? Fans create their own ideas of songs, their own pictures in their heads, things that just click with them. … If you wanna call this song ‘Shit,’ if that’s the only thing that sticks out to you, call it that.”

The album ranges in topics and mood – literally transitioning from morbid (“Norman”) to being totally awesome (“Coolest Motherfucker On Earth“).

But beyond Voorhees’ creep factor stands a smart, tightly produced album full of deep bass, jazzy samples, looping vocals and the hazy vibe that made Kid Cudi a household name. Like some sort of hangover daydream, Voorhees’ LP somehow manages to be boisterous and carefree, disturbing and gritty—all at the same time. [LV Weekly]

For a taste of the LP, I’ve included Trade’s visual for “Norman” – a loose tribute to Psycho‘s Norman Bates – directed by Rob Seher for A Good Break, below.

For more on the album, and about the man behind it’s creation, check out Vegas Seven’s Trade Voorhees is Rap’s Master of Macabre feature.