Vintage: Stetsasonic & Gravediggaz Perform At Tramps [1999]

blame it on JES7 March 28, 2015

DJ Eclipse unloads another piece of visual history from the vaults, and is the second part in a 3-part series of vintage coverage of Prince Paul’s A Prince Among Thieves album release at Tramps NYC, circa 1999.

The second series features the legendary Stetsasonic (whom Prince Paul was a part of) as well as the Gravediggaz (going under the guise of The Undertaker).

Here’s the second of three clips I’m posting from the Prince Paul show at Tramps NYC. This one is with Paul’s first group Stetsasonic, the first Hip Hop band. So dope to see these guys in action. Then immediately after they finish Frukwan stays on stage and starts rhyming as you see Grym (R.I.P.) walk out and join him to do some Gravediggaz material. A LiveNDirect show at Tramps.