Cam’ron Releases ‘Killa Crunch’ Cereal, Instantly Becomes The Best Thing Ever

blame it on Meka April 9, 2015

Things like this is why I love living in New York.

The Grand Theft Auto V purveyor recently took began taking Instagram pictures of what appears to be people finding boxes of his very own breakfast meal, the appropriately-titled “Killa Cereal.” More shots of the KILLA! product eventually then began popping up on the ‘Gram, from folks such as restaurateur Eddie Huang, comedian Desus, and ItsTheReal brothers Eric and Jeff Rosenthal.

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First of the Month #killacrunch

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Who knows if this is kosher for Passover, but whatever. Shouts to @mr_camron for this #killacrunch!

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Where they are exactly is anyone’s guess, but judging by the people who found a box they might be planted in various bodegas in Upper Manhattan and/or the Bronx (Eddie, Desus, and the Rosenthals all reside in those areas). Cam’ron then stated that he – in conjunction with Virgin Mega USA – have collaborated on the “ultimate Cam collectible…”

Cam’ron knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so he created a limited run of Killa Crunch cereal boxes to help his fans start their day. Every Killa Crunch box panel is jam-packed with goonie goodness inspired by the Dipset don. Featuring an “U Mad Lib” and “Dumb Smart” crossword on the back of the box, and a slew of nutritional facts to ensure you’re getting your daily doses of the stuff that’s really good, the Killa Crunch cereal box is the ultimate Cam collectible. To make this sweet cereal setup even sweeter, each box has a special edition Killa Crunch tee shirt inside. Bring Killa to your kitchen by copping your Killa Crunch cereal box and tee shirt through the Virgin Mega app this Monday, 4/13 at 4PM EDT.

killa-crunch-01 killa-crunch-02 killa-crunch-03

I need one of these in my life, immediately.

And, as this is a KILLA! post, it more than deserves its own KILLA!.gif: