Watch MeLo-X’s Short Film, ‘McCloud In Process’

blame it on Meka April 9, 2015

Eclectic producer and one-half of Electric Punanny, MeLo-X has directed a new short documentary with Sean Kelly Gallery based on contemporary artist Hugo McCloud.

McCloud in Process is a collaboration. I wanted to visually capture the beautiful elements of his process through a somewhat micro lens, creating a dynamic visual of layers that I felt meshed with how I see music as I create in my own space.” MeLo-X said when asked about the short film. “Showing the marriage of his process through my eye as a director mixed with my ear as a composer and sound designer is the main scope of the project. As an artist myself, the smallest things trigger these ideas and sounds in my head. Working with Hugo and the layers in his studio really heightened this sense of sound and visual art.”

McCloud also contains previews of MeLo’s new EP, CURATE, which is slated to arrive in June. Watch McCloud In Process below.