theWHOevers – “Tree House”

blame it on Shake April 9, 2015

“When you’re thinking of giving up your dreams… This the sh*t to get you back on track” DOTKOM raps on “Tree House” – the second installment of Chicago duo theWHOevers‘ newly-launched Marathon series. Produce by Ka-Yu, the record is about life and dealing with those that try to “play” a person on a daily basis.

When u in the street/ Feeling hungry got nothing to eat/
When u Struggling to pay for heat/ When u think of givin up ur dreams/
Supreme, team, the game reign to play u and…
This that shit that get u back on track/
Handle that, I got the keys, just like a pianos black/
Dusty vinyls spin that record til it’s skipping/
Play it back for those who missed it tho/
They aint listening,
Hidden messages hieroglyphics in lyrics just questioning/
What to do when u slippin and
These promoters tryna, play me I ain’t playing if u not payin okay then/ I’m just sayin/
I ain’t letting them, get to steppin, I ain’t messin around Jo,
I ain’t stupid don’t u ever
I ain’t stupid don’t u ever

Don’t try ayo
U really tryna to go Fosho ayo
Don’t you try that shit on me 2

When they tryna sell u bull shit and u know the prices/
You really tryna play me lemme roll the dices

And Make paradise with a of pair of dices//
Order orange chicken side of yellow rices

Big shit
Big bank take little bank//
Talk big, hold rank
But First id like to thank//

Everybody in the place tryna get they break/
No breaks til we break the bank

I remember just being honest//
I remember when we beat the sonics//
The chi town 96 swerve//
Shit how you rep the city when you from the burbs
I ain’t mad get it how you get it//
This life’s too short I ain’t even bitchin’

Haven’t been the same since 2012//
Walk up in the kitchen got empty shelves//
No Dasani never could afford Fiji boy//
This life try to play me like a ouija board//

And still wish my brothers Godspeed//
And still wish my momma goddess speed//

I’m bout to get it so fuck the lottery//
I’m bout to get it so ain’t no stoppin me//
I’m bout to get it so fuckin properly//
I’m bout to get it so hold up hold up

When ya looking for some inspiration//
When you feeling like you out of place and
When you running out of all your patience
Keep moving dog that’s dedication

Also, since I missed the first drop last month, peep “Ain’t No Way” with Erthe St. James below as well.