DMX Made An Airport Terminal His Pulpit, And Nothing Was The Same

blame it on Meka April 10, 2015

I’ve been a fan of DMX for many moons at this point. However, it’s not solely due to his ability to turn Woodstock into his personal playground; no, it’s because he possesses the right amount of crazy to make life endlessly interesting and entertaining for nearly everyone he comes into contact with. From his legendary rants to his countless run-ins with the law (which he himself made light of in Chris Rock’s Top Five), even something as innocuous as as Slingshot ride becomes an adventure.

Recently the Dark Man X did a show in New Jersey, and while waiting on his flight at the airport with some other patrons he apparently caught the almighty Holy Ghost and delivered the very rarest of sermons. Both Marv from Sin City and Jules Winnfield would be proud.

Stay classy, Earl Simmons.