Cam’ron Was A Guest On ‘The Nightly Show’

blame it on Meka April 16, 2015

Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show is undoubtedly one of my favorite talk shows. Its penchant for discussing topics that are equal parts prevalent to today’s society and with reckless aplomb is one of the reason why I’m glad that host Larry Wilmore took over once Stephen Colbert departed to be the host of David Letterman’s soon-to-end tenure. Plus, they’re the one spot where rappers are actually portrayed in a light that’s far from negative.

I think they may have outdone themselves last night, however.

With the topic being “snitching,” Larry invited none other than the man who owns a PhD in anti-tattletale, Cam’ron, to speak and debate with comedian Chris Distefano and Newark, NJ mayor Ras Baraka about the serious issues that actually stem from a community’s reluctance to go to the police.

Cam’ron was actually on point for the most part, even admitting that even if people do in fact “snitch” it does not mean that their efforts would actually put away the person they’ve just testified against (which was pretty much a spot-on reason why people wouldn’t do it in the first place). It’s a far cry from his infamous 60 Minutes interview, but is as equally good a watch.

But, of course, we couldn’t leave here without a KILLA.gif, which was just introduced in this very piece.