Suge Knight To Stand Trial For Murder

blame it on Meka April 16, 2015

While Wiz Khalifa is having the best week ever, Suge Knight? Not so much.

After being arrested and then charged with murder back in January, the embattled former music mogul has been embroiled in one of the more bizarre court moments I’ve seen in recent memory (and I’ve sat through two Rodney King trials, both OJ Simpson fiascos, and Lil Wayne’s gun charge/dental mishaps). From passing out in court upon hearing that his bail was set at TWENTY-FIVE MILLION DOLLARS (*Dr. Evil voice*) and then later being wheeled in, to seeing the brutal footage of the actual incident, all the way down to one of the victims saying he “won’t snitch on Suge” (and these just happened during the pre-trials!), Knight appeared in court today where a judge told him that he will stand trial the murder and attempted-murder charges he’s received in the death of Terry Carter.

Authorities contend Knight intentionally hit the men, killing Terry Carter, 55. Knight’s attorney, Matt Fletcher, says his client was ambushed and was trying to escape Sloan’s attack when he ran over the men.

Sloan’s testimony demonstrated the difficulty in prosecuting Knight, who has gang ties and a reputation for intimidating witnesses.

“I will not be used to send Suge Knight to prison,” Sloan testified, adding that he was only on the stand because he was subpoenaed.

Prosecutors granted Sloan, a former gang member who’s known Knight for decades, limited immunity after he said he intended to invoke his Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination. – The Associated Press

If convicted, Knight faces life in prison for the murder charge. There is a bit of a silver lining for Suge in this mess he put himself in: the judge lowered his bail from $25 million to a paltry $10 million. To paraphrase the great bard Cam’ron, it may very well be a hot summer for Suge Knight.