Rest In Peace, Guru (7/17/61 – 4/19/10)

blame it on JES7 April 19, 2015

It’s still pretty surreal to me that we lost such an amazing artist/emcee/person who has contributed so much to our culture, yet left us way too early. It’s especially upsetting considering the fact that under the dire circumstances, some d*ckhead culture vulture coward decided to try and tarnish Keith “Guru” Elam’s name. Not only that, but under the flag of The Five-Percent Nation.

However, the brother’s extensive catalog is timeless and will live continuously and vicariously through the hearts and minds of his friends, family, fans and his partner, DJ Premier. We love and miss ya, Guru!

So much anger, but you thought you knew me best / We livin legacy, and yo I’m thankful to be blessed

Listen to Cookin’ Soul’s tribute, “One For The GURU” here.