theWHOevers – “Over Ya Head”

blame it on Meka April 22, 2015

As Dotkom and J. Arthur continue to work on their ambitious new “full-length split project” (a la Outkast’s Speakerboxx/The Love Below), Black & White & Born To Use Mics, for release sometime in 2015, they reveal the third “episode” (of 10) of their current “MARATHON” series. A bouncy number mixed by Brian Kidd, you can listen to the Chicago-based duo’s new track before.

Life what you heard? Lyrics to go, below.

hy you talkin shit for
Gotta whole lotta nerve
Gotta whole lotta whole lotta
Shit to observe
What you in it for//
Not a damn thing poppin
When them things stay boppin//
On the track stay joggin’
Dog I been this raw//

You wanna pop off the lip//
Wanna cop all them kicks//
Wanna rock but you can’t
Cuz you did it all

On top of this shit
No option with this
don’t stop just
Twist them joints
And stir up my coffee//
They say some of us dont act proper//
They say some of us are straight sloppy
Well some of these bitches got nothing to offer//

But some backseat love
A backseat fuck …shhhhhit
Running around the beat like track meet cuz
Tryna catch me up//
Wanna pass me up//
Wanna dumb it down givin me the run around//
In tryna bond with youuu//
Tryna make you really feel comfortable
Turn up on the Dilla dawg one won’t do
And when you step up in crib Take off them shoes//

Yup yup
and young lady yeah you know better
A young gunna pulla muthafucka strings//
Top notch original put that shit on everyting

bounce, drop, move, shake
Bop, twerk, groove, break 2x

How could We hit em with the 1, 2/
How bout I hit em with the 3/4/
Charles Bark in the park while I Son/
Alll u caricatures/
Big headed but yall minature/
Lyrically u soundin immature/
I ain’t high, I just live it up/
Visionary, 3’eye ,
I ain’t tryna say hi/
I’m just tryna get by/
Cus u run in place/
Wanna be the one in race/
Stupid you ain’t tie ur shoes/
U ain’t gettin what I’m givin then u out 3 strikes/
In a minute blow the whistle/
Game over boy, my game over board/
Still I try to keep it underdog,
Woof woof,
Deuce deuce then I’m gone poof poof/
I’m C L Smooth
My initials if u didn’t have a clue
wake yo ass up, like a roosta/
U got a minute I got infinite
U On the run like an immigrant/
U have fun but I’d rather get some Benjamin’s/
It’s after one still runnin round gettin it/
Bow down to the bun rockin elephant/
The medicine is kickin in, I’m kickin in the door/
While the telephone is ringin plus I’m screamin down the hall/
If u listening then bring yo lame ass too the floor/

Don’t blink I might just do it/