Mobb Deep Talk Q-Tip’s Legacy, Production & More

blame it on Meka April 23, 2015

One of the more surprising and refreshing moments found on the second studio album from Mobb Deep, 1995’s The Infamous, were the three tracks that actually were not produced by the Mobb/Havoc: “Give Up the Goods (Just Step),” “Temperature’s Rising,” and (my personal favorite) “Drink Away the Pain (Situations),” all produced by Q-Tip. While sitting down with the WatchLOUD, Havoc and Prodigy spoke on the latter track, explaining how the song was formed and how Q-Tip’s verse (the “Situations” part of the song) differed greatly from Mobb Deep’s “ode to the their mistresses aka liquor”) sensibilities on the track yet helped shape them nonetheless. The duo also pay their respects to the A Tribe Called Quest member, as both a producer/rapper and as a human being.

It must be “Memory Lane” month in hip hop, because I’m about to take another trip down that block…