T.I. & Kap G Discuss Police Brutality On CNN

blame it on Meka April 23, 2015

Before I even get started, take a look at the shot above. That is literally the very first thing you see in the video below, which should give you a great idea on how this conversation went.

After Tip and David Banner joined Georgia native Kap G on the remix to “La Policia,” CNN pundit – and resident skin borrower – Don Lemon invited Tip and Kap onto his show to discuss the song, the circumstances that inspired the track, and more.

What proceeds to happen is a lesson in CNN being no better than some of its more vilified news contemporaries, if only because they don’t outright say idiotic things as frequently. Rather than talk more on why, exactly, songs like “La Policia” exist, the discussion veered toward the age-old logic of the song’s lyrical content. Because yeah, the hostile nature of the lyrical content of a song are more important to talk about than the hostile nature a federally-sponsored, glorified organized gang disproportionately has towards a specific sect of the American demographic which inspires said lyrics.

While Tip and Kap had some decent things to say, I honestly wish they invited David Banner to speak on this situation as well. I felt that he would’ve done a much better job at elaborating on and expounding upon this increasingly-controversial topic. Anyways, watch the whole thing below.