Dolphin – “Young Black Mind”

blame it on Patrick Glynn April 28, 2015

The last couple days have been uneasy, to say the least, in Baltimore. Riots and looting have been sparked by years on years of police brutality highlighted by the death of Freddie Gray, a man who was beat so bad by police, his spine severed and died seven days later. High school kids are being accused by some as starting the riots, and some say that they were instigated by police. Either way, police shouldn’t be beating the shit out of kids, nor should these kids feel like they need to fight police.

Dolphin, an artist from Baltimore and new signee to Fresh Selects (who has also worked with Mndsgn), released a song over a month ago, before all the protesting, called “Young Black Mind,” highlighting the potential of young black kids around the country. Dolphin said these kids are, “living in a system that wasn’t designed for you at all,” but that they should take the world and make it their own. Whether you agree the anger after years of abuse should or shouldn’t be represented through violence, the important message is that these young and old black minds need to be heard and respected, which Dolphin expresses throughout the song.

According to Wax Poetics, who originally premiered, Dolphin has recorded over 50 full-length albums over the last ten years, but “Young Black Mind” is the first single released from any of these projects. His SoundCloud has another song, “Inspiration,” but it isn’t known if that appears on any of his albums.

Talent like Dolphin slips through the cracks sometimes, but it’s better late than never. Dolphin played all the instruments on the track and recorded and mixed it himself. There’s no word on when we’ll hear music from him again, but our ears will be peeled. Be safe, and take in the wisdom that is Dolphin’s “Young Black Mind”: