Scallops Hotel – “Tense Present”

blame it on Patrick Glynn April 29, 2015

In a world of almost-post-college-graduation, things are odd. I know I’m not the only one without a solid 9-to-5 or really anything that will make me comfortable telling mom to stop the small payment that comes in at the beginning of the month, but knowing that other people have jobs and I don’t make me feel weird. They’re doing something with their live and becoming even more independent, and I’m, in their eyes, not.

Scallops Hotel, better known by his main outlet-of-expression, milo, seems to have things a bit more figured out than I do, but he captures the anxious feelings I’m having on his newest single, “Tense Present.” The song starts off tense with milo saying everything that comes to his mind and winds up rhyming (“In rich folks homes, drinks come with costars. My first rap song was to lament Sammy Sosa.”) over the spooky, Law & Order-introduction-like production. He eventually has to force the thought of calmness of Scallops Hotel down your throat (“It’s soothing; trust me”). He finishes the song, though, letting himself and the listeners else know that it, whatever it is, is all okay. He is soothing. The listeners will get it. It’ll be okay. I’ll figure shit out. “Since you’re okay, I’m okay.”

This is the second single off Scallops’ upcoming project Plain Speaking, due our May 5, after “Lavender Chunk,” and it’s sure to sooth. Listen to “Tense Present,” which was premiered by PassionWeiss, below: