Random Acts Of F*ckery: Ja Rule Has His Own RUSH Card

blame it on Meka May 8, 2015


It’s almost never a good idea for any musician/entertainer/sports professional/anybody with common sense to appear on a FOX News network. When most all of the rhetoric any number of their out-of-touch correspondents spew is deeply rooted in micro-aggressive racism, illogical psychobabble and flat-out malarkey, any sensible person would never willingly accept an invite to partake in a panel on one of their shows.

I mean, unless you’re Jeffrey Atkins.

Ja popped up on FOX Business Network’s television show “Money” to speak on his partnership with Billy McFarland, CEO and founder of a credit card company called Magnises, with cards similar to those Synchrony Bank credit cards. The “creative head” of Magnises claims that this new venture will marry the “worlds of the affluent and less fortunate, because hip hop” or something, when in actuality it sounds like those swindles I’ve seen Russell Simmons, Kim Kardashian and Montel Williams all promote at one point. You know, in those commercials you’d catch on television if you’re, say, at home on a Wednesday morning watching episodes of Maury, sandwiched in between ads for hair restoration services, chintzy lawyers whose phone numbers are something obnoxious like “1-888-BAD-BUMP,” and those weirdo vocational school infomercials with Master P and his family all in them?

Now, despite my rather cynical tone in this entry, I’m not outright saying that this is a bad idea from Ja (however, it does come across as somewhat hare-brained and not really necessary). It’s when he gets asked about the 2016 Presidential Election that things get a bit head-scratching. It just reminds me of Dave Chappelle’s evisceration of him a few years back…

That ill-timed and needless shot at Al “Amberlamps Chaser” Sharpton from Melissa Francis, however? Perfect example of said micro-aggressive behavior. Good grief.