Killah Priest – “Alien Stars”

blame it on JES7 May 16, 2015

While Jay Electronica is off somewhere being selfish and not releasing music, the other Rap God is busy, readying the release of his 11th studio album, Planet of the Gods. While yes, some of have compared the two gifted lyricists to each other (both drop heavy jewels that are rewind-worthy, steeped in lessons from the 120 and can shift a paradigm in the U-N-I-Verse) – only one of them at this point seems to care about what the fans want: new, great music.

Stream the Ciph Barker-produced single “Alien Stars” below and check the official tracklist for the album as well.

01. “Intro”
02. “Citrin” (prod. Black Marvel & Jordan River Banks)
03. “Gods of E.din” (prod. Ciph Barker)
04. “Golden Pineapple of the Sun” (prod. Jordan River Banks)
05. “Starship Planet (Shi’ur Qomah)” (prod. Ciph Barker)
06. “Creation of a Super God” (prod. Black Marvel)
07. “The Vast Bottomless Sleep (Cosmos)” (prod. Jordan River Banks)
08. “PWOWR Glove” (prod. Ciph Barker)
09. “L.Gigi (People of the Land of Nod)” (prod. Jordan River Banks & Kombo for Ma’at Tabla)
10. “Earth To Walter Reed, Come In Please” (prod. Jordan River Banks)
11. “Mul.Apin Tablets” (prod. Ciph Barker)
12. “Centrality of Our Mythic Imagination” (prod. Jordan River Banks)
13. “Rogue Godz” (prod. Black Marvel)
14. “Color of Ideas” (prod. Jordan River Banks)
15. “Quantum Spirit of Creation” (prod. Jordan River Banks)
16. “Alien Stars” (prod. Ciph Barker)
17. “I Destroyed You In Front Of Your Leaders” (prod. Black Marvel)
18. “Body of Light” (prod. Jordan River Banks)
19. “Gallery of the Gods” (prod. Black Marvel)
20. “Walt’s Day Out” (prod. Jordan River Banks) BONUS TRACK

Pre-order the album here.