Alex Wiley – “Track One”

blame it on Shake May 22, 2015

The internet is a funny place. Yesterday, Alex Wiley uploaded a version of “Vibration” with an open verse to his SoundCloud. Despite the song being his biggest to date, some sites ran with it as a brand new track. While he appreciates the support, the Chicago emcee is still (rightfully) upset that his work is being misinterpreted. Instead of fans hearing about how Alex wanted them to add a verse to his song, the artist could’ve been perceived as someone who is still pushing the same record over and over again – you know those types.

On Twitter, Wiley said the following about the mishap:

“I’m honestly really disappointed all these blogs wrote up my song from a year ago with 4 million streams/views as a new song. Cmon. What I actually did was worth a paragraph. I re released my biggest song for anyone to hop on. Nobody mentioned what I actually did lol. Like it’d be different if it was a super album cut but really…my biggest song lol the one they sang back to me in France. I just don’t appreciate anything I do being distorted. I did something cool for fans but now it looks like Im still milking a year old song. Whatever I appreciate people anticipating an actual new release from me I suppose it’s flattering :) “

In the days where major label artists are having their unfinished songs slapped on the internet without a second thought, this obviously isn’t as big of a deal – but it’s still worth mentioning. Mistakes happen, but homework should be done.

To help make up for the confusion, Alex has decided to unearth an actual new song from his stash. Peep “Track One” below, and be on the lookout for his Synthia LP arriving sometime this summer.