Marrow – “The Gold Standard”

blame it on Patrick Glynn May 28, 2015

Marrow, a band created of former members of the insanely talented Kids These Days, have released singles over the past year and a half (“Mother of Maladies,” “Paulson“) in preparation for upcoming album, The Gold Standard. Today, we get the title track to the group’s project, “The Gold Standard.”

The blues-rock ballad starts downtempo, slowly building its way to what seems like a tense climax only to slow down and build back up again and explode into a beautiful discord. The lyrics seems to follow two people arguing the same disagreements with each other, as their anxieties build with the song. The harmony of the two singers, Macie Stewart and Liam Cunningham, has always been candy to my ears dating back to songs like “Darling” and “Wasting Time,” and it’s wonderful to hear the two continue their talents again and again in the new part of the career.

There’s no word on when The Gold Standard will be released, but listen to the album’s title track below: