Bobby Raps & Corbin – Couch Potato (EP)

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 2, 2015

Bobby Raps, who most recently wanted you to exchange pleasantries with his baby mama, and Corbin, whom the rest of the world knows as du-rag-doning, smooth-voiced Spooky Black, are a apart of The Stand4rd, which also consists of Allan Kingdom and Psymun. The two have released bombastic, depressing, boomings songs together dating back to the beginning of 2014 with songs like “Alone” and “Motionless.” Monday, we received a surprise from the two, a seven-track EP, couch potato.

Bobby Raps produced the entire project, creating spacious, synth-heavy and, at times, groovy and melodic, backgrounds for himself and Corbin to discuss common topics of love, heartbreak and the pain that comes afterward. The mood of the project is set on the intro, “welcome to the hell zone,” and if that title didn’t give you a hint of the project’s feel, the rest of the song titles may. Corbin’s voice sounds as raspy and hurting as ever on “frozen tundra” and “burden,” begging his love, “let me buy your burden,” so she doesn’t have to feel pain. Bobby Raps and Corbin compliment each other so well. Both have a hard time keeping their pain to themselves. They can’t help let their emotions go by yelling, but they sound so different doing it, the songs and sounds blend well together.

Listen and download coach potato for free below: