Khary Durgans – “Smooth Talker” (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 3, 2015

Khary Durgans is cocky. “I can bag your bitch in glittery platform shoes from Parliament.” Wait, what? You can find a pair of those? You’ve got me intrigued. He’s pretty damn mean, too. “Tell Luke he doesn’t have a father, he’s a bastard.” A little aggressive. “You gon’ pay me more, if not money, then just more attention.” But most importantly, he’s talented.

On his latest single, “Smooth Talker,” Khary Durgans puts his money where his mouth is and stunts all over slow-tempo, relaxed produced from REL. We all believe we’re smooth talkers when we’re drunk, and Khary is no different. He braggadociously says whatever comes to his mind with the confidence of a king and the balance of a teenager in heels.

The video was released along with the song, which was premiered by Earmilk. Watch the video above and download the song here.