Chester Watson – Summer Mirage (FreEP)

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 4, 2015

The ever-so-talented Chester Watson released a surprise six-track EP, Summer Mirage, today, which contrasts the name of his upcoming album, Winter Mirage. The Florida rapper/producer has stayed relatively quiet over the last year on the project front, as we haven’t gotten a new one since Tin Wooki opened up 2014.

The project is entirely produced by Chester aside from the first song, “4 gig nasa,” which is produced by his friends Psymun, prime.cut and Art Vandelay. Over the six tracks, Chester tells stories of grinding, partying “having bitches in the backseat” when he doesn’t even have a backseat over dark, spacey, haunting production. His youth shows in the content he raps about, like drinking with his friends and being consumed in by pressures of growing up, but shows maturity in his self-awareness of his lifestyles positives and negatives.

Chester released Summer Mirage below for free, and you can throw him a couple bucks when you download below: